Golden Goddess Slot

by: IGT

Short intro about the game

The Golden Goddess game is built with 5 reels and 40 pay lines, which is fixed, like most other standard online slots. Its collection of symbols contains a variety of characters and images that respond to the ancient Greek-myth theme such as the golden goddess, the prince, the white duck, the pink horse, the red rose. You can play it in online casinos and expect to gain so big a payout that can be up to 20,000$. The chance that you get your money back is 95.13% (especially from a bonus spin) which is considered high for high rolling players to try their luck. Whereas, you might choose to play it safe by trying the free slots game for fun without download or registration. The slots can be played on several platforms like your android, PC, or IOS, On some websites, you can play the slot game golden goddess free and experiment with your gambling tactic freely with no limit of time before getting into making money by playing the full version with wagers.

About Golden Goddess Slot

Casino games have been so popular for both recreational and gaining real money purposes that many have gained much by making wise investments into these games especially slot games and video slots. A wide range of online slots has been capturing tons of players’ attention for their easy access, diversity of categories and the typical super-stacked symbols alongside well paying free spins and the Golden goddess slot is one of the kind.

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The Golden goddess slot seems to be a standard casino game and there are not so many novel functions coming with it. There are only two main bonus features that provide players with free spins and jackpot. The game is easy to play and to understand so you won’t have a hard time grasping important pieces of the machine’s information and features.

Reels and pay lines

The Golden goddess slot machine possesses a standard configuration with five reels and forty pay lines. The winning lines’ number is fixed at 40 so you can’t adjust their quantity to bet on. It can’t be considered highly volatile with this setting. Its frequency of giving out rewards during the spins is highly appreciated but with the unchanging winning lines, there are not so many tactics you can come up with for the purpose of obtaining outstanding rewards compared to the costs you have paid for the spins.

The max wage

You need to bet at least $1.00 on each line, and for 40 winning lines in total per spin, your minimum wager needed for each playing round is $40.00. The bet on each line spans across a range of $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00, and the total wager on each round may reach up to $800.00.


The jackpot in the golden goddess slot is not a progressive jackpot and it is necessary for you to watch the paytable to check the possible payouts. Once having landed 5 golden goddess symbols across a pay line, the grand jackpot will appear for you to obtain. The greatest jackpot available is an x1000 multiplier.

Therefore, when you wager the highest bet of 500 coins on a pay line, you will have the opportunity of getting the max bonus which is 500,000 coins.

Wild symbols

The Golden Goddess logo itself acts as the wild symbol in the slot machine. When the wild card is activated, it can fill in the place of missing symbols to complete any of the winning combinations or replace any other symbol except for the bonus card to form winning sequences.

The slot machine bonus features

Although the bonus features of the Golden Goddess slot can’t be considered outstanding in quantity compared with other casino games, in quality, it can beat plenty of games of the same kind taking its innovative generously-benefiting features such as free spins offering into account.

Golden Goddess slots super stacks feature

The super stacks feature is one of the two significant features of the game. It means that each reel of the slot machine is filled with multiple stacks of the same symbol which are placed randomly per spin beginning. This brings great potentials for players to land multiple same adjacent symbols on a pay line and even to win several considerable amounts of money at the same time.

You can find any symbol on the paytable in the collection of stacked symbols on each reel except for the Rose card which only appears on reel 2, 3, and 4. It is most likely that low-paying symbols like 10s, Js,… popping up on the reels give you small earnings but when your time comes, you may come across the higher profitable symbols like the Golden Goddess or the dove. These symbols in matching positions will enable you to get up to 50 times your bet per line and that is a really highly returning amount of money.

The Golden Goddess slot machine bonus symbol

An image of a red rose in its full bloom is the bonus symbol of the game. Like most slot games in online casinos, Goddess slot provides players with chances of spinning the reels with no deposit bonus. However, gaining the seven free spins bonus is quite a tricky challenge to any player. To trigger the free spins bonus feature, you will have to succeed at landing all three bonus symbols on the 2, 3, 4 reels. At this point, you are supposed to pick a red rose from any location to unhide one particular symbol across the Aphrodite the goddess, Hephaestus, Pegasus, and the Dove. During your free spins bonus, the chosen card plays the role of the Super Stacks symbol and may bring about rewards worth 50x your bet if it is the golden goddess and 20x if the card is the Dove.

There is no special bonus round in Golden Goddess but the free spins seem like an offset to this. The difficulty of gaining free spins, from some standpoints, is not necessarily a minus to the captivity of Gold Goddess but more of an urging encouragement to get the free spins bonus symbol activated. Besides, the hard-earned real money of the free spins bonus happens to be really compatible with the efforts made when the spins tend to bring about great big wins than usual.

Game design


Set in the Greek myth theme, the game is illustrated with the scenery of the world of Olympus gods and goddesses. The presentation of each character and symbol embellished with bright pastels and the gold-trimmed reels and cards gives the glorious look of a gorgeous and lively fairy tale. What makes the Golden goddess animation stand out from other casino games’, for me, is the 3D effect. IGT has done such a good job in making it look real and bring the appearance of the characters really close to life. From the sun-kissed mountain, the charmingly beautiful goddess to the gorgeous imagery of the red blooms, IGT has made Golden Goddess a feast for the senses giving off the energetic vibe for players to feel thrilled with excitements during the slots spins.

Sound effect

The soundtrack of the Golden goddess slots mingles well with the theme of fantasy legends. It is like coming from a storybook and really ear-catching with joyful beats and melody. Personally, I think the music is really a plus to the Golden Goddess slot. It is not only harmonious but also exhilarating enough to attract more players to play Golden Goddess Slot for fun or for earnings.


The monitor board at the bottom of the screenplay depicts options that you have to set up before starting the spins :

  • The winning lines box always shows 40 so you have to wager on all 40 lines in your play.
  • The bet can be changed following your preference of how much you want to bet on per line
  • The total bet box calculates the total amount that you wager per round. You can choose your line bet and keep track of your total wager by looking at this area.
  • The spin button is used to trigger the spin for each playing round.
  • The win area shows you the winning prizes.
  • The balance box expresses the status of your account.


The structure of the game is typical of an easy-to-play online casino game. The 5 reels and 40 winning lines are considered standard in the industry of casino games and there is not much to grasp to play Golden Goddess Slot. The pay line number to play the golden goddess slot game is fixed so you don’t have to focus on adjusting anything, the only options that you have to select is among the bet per line range which doesn’t span over a too wide spectrum. The lack of a bonus round, in fact, adds to its minimalism making the golden goddess online slot rather a game title of recreational and relaxing aims than the hair-scratching games that cause you to put all your efforts into making real money out of it.


Wild: The wild symbols play the roles of a Joker card in a deck of cards. The wild symbol can complete a combination of symbols and bring you wins by acting as another symbol in the stacks.

Deposit bonus: the term refers to the bonus and promotion offered in online casinos. A high percentage of bonus often is paid to newcomers in the casinos and it tends to reduce after a few times of playing. The bonus can be used with the next deposit or for the newbies in the first playing rounds. Under the specific terms and conditions of the online casino, you are often not allowed to withdraw your bonus funds.

No deposit bonus: Some online casinos use it as a way to attract new players. In particular, you can be offered free spins or some cash when playing the slots. The term often comes with wagering requirements which you have to meet following the rules of a specific casino. You may want to check the restrictions and requirements of the casino carefully to get your prizes as real money.

For the best evaluation, you can play Golden Goddess Slot by playing its free Golden Goddess demo version first without having to make any deposits to assess all elements of the game before you play for real money. Please bear in mind first that the UK gambling commission has an age restriction on demo gambling version playing so you have to be 18 or older to access the slot machine game (an age verification is necessary)


  • The reels and winning lines numbers are fixed at 5 and 40 respectively. The game is built without an autoplay mode so all you have to do to play golden goddess slots is to push the spin button.
  • You have to bet at least $40 per round in total with each line wagered with a minimum of $1.00.
  • The game has no other bonus round but offering 7 free spins after you have managed to make matching combinations of rose red over the center reels. The rose reds only appear on the 2, 3, and 4 reels and the free spins can’t be retriggered.
  • The wild symbol as the Golden Goddess slot logo can play as any other card but the bonus symbols to fill in a missing position for a winning line.
  • You can adjust the line bet to determine your total bet per line and per each whole total round.
  • There is not a progressive Jackpot and to compensate, IGT has provided the game with the considerably high multipliers of several golden goddess slot game icons. The most outstanding multiplier is associated with the Golden Goddess logo symbol when its payout can be up to 1000x the per spin bet line.
  • You have to be 18 years old or older to play the slot machine and there will be an age verification that needs to be confirmed by you before your entering the Golden Goddess free slots to play Golden Goddess for free.


Follow these steps to enjoy the slots

Step 1: Choose where you want to access it and decide whether you want to play the golden goddess casino game free for fun or to earn real money from it.

You can download the Golden Goddess casino app and play the free slot with your phone or access the free slots on online casinos first to decide if this is the game for you. The next thing to do is register to wager real money to gain back wins or to find another game if you find it is not the right one for you.

Step 2: Adjust your bet per line by clicking at the upward arrow to increase it or the downward one to decrease it

Step 3: Trigger your spins and enjoy it.

Betting options

As mentioned before in the slot review, you can’t choose the number of winning lines but can modify the per-line bet and watch the total bet amount pops up until it matches your budget and liking. To set the most possibly profitable wager, you should take a look at the paytable first and have a comprehension of the payout range.


Needless to say, the more you bet on the golden goddess online slot, the bigger chunks of money you are likely to get from it. The big bets are promising to gain back big earnings while the substantial reward can max out at $20,000. The video slot seems not to offer extremely big gains but small-to-medium ones compared to the high-risk and high volatility slots. However, it is quite certain that your deposits will pay off more often considering the fact that the RTP is between 94% and 96%. Push the spin button setting the reels in motions and wait for them to make winning combinations, you will earn prizes while managing to get three or more matching symbols together in consecutive places from left to right. Factoring in the high rate of money returning from the slots, you are primed to gain casino prizes frequently during your spins. The symbols will redeem your time and money with the following numbers of payouts:

  • Golden Goddess logo: 1000x
  • Aphrodite: 50x
  • Hephaestus: 40x
  • Pegasus: 30x
  • Dove: 20x
  • Ace: 15x
  • King: 14x
  • Queen: 13x
  • Jack: 12x
  • 10: 10x


The golden goddess slots-a game title from IGT, the renowned manufacturer in the gambling online slots industry, has been capturing a lot of gamer’s attention from the newbies to the experienced slots players. The excellent animation and its easy-to-play feature make it several players’ favourite slots. It is also highly favorable for gaining frequent prizes or even big chunks of money with the super stack and free spins as bonus rounds. If you are looking for a low-volatility game where you can both have a relaxing time and win frequently small prizes, this is definitely the game for you. Whereas, if you are looking for free slot games and lottery video slots for real money rather than the Golden goddess golden goddess, you can scroll through hundreds of other relevant slots review of us and get the perfect choice for you.

Golden Goddess Slot's Features

Golden Goddess slot machine is one of the many games manufactured by IGT (International game technology)-the world’s largest slot machine game manufacturer. The developer has provided casino game players with attractive and financially rewarding games over the last four years and has had a lot of famous gambling game titles besides Golden Goddess in online casinos.

The Golden Goddess slot machine is set up with the Greek myth-themed backdrop which makes it like a fantasy storybook with tender catchy music and 3D brightly-colored images alongside gold-trimmed reel frames. With its easy-to-play feature and high payouts, the game does a good job of presenting players with relaxing time and the excitement of gaining back much of the deposit amount.

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  • Great-looking graphic design and 3D symbols
  • Easy-to-understand playing
  • Exhilarating sound effect
  • A high percentage of payout of 96.15%
  • Colossal wins on one turn
  • Offers the $20,000 worth Jackpot
  • Offers up to 7 free spins round


  • Requires a High-stakes line bet per pay line which is $1.00
  • Not having a lot of new features compared to other games in the same industry
  • The free spins are limited in number
  • Lack of a bonus round.

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