Double Diamond Slots

by: IGT

About Double Diamond Slots

If you are interested in playing slot games with real money that are not just present physically but can be found on online casinos as well, then you should play the Double Diamond slot game.

Initially launched as a land-based machine, the slots game became famous because of its accessibility to people in 2005.

However, the game Double Diamond is not available to be played on the computer. Still, there is a Double Diamond Slot machine application developed by a third-party application developer by Jaxily. The application is free of all kinds of costs of online casinos. There are numerous slot games present, but this 3-reel Double Diamond slot game is one of the most famous games.

There are two versions of the game, Double Diamond. One is the free demo version, and the other one is the paid version, which will be played with real money. There are multiple options present to deposit real money securely and safely. You can also get several Vegas Crest casino bonus options there.

One slots diamond symbol

What Is Double Diamond Slots?

The Double Diamond slots game is a classic three-line reel slot machine.

Double Diamonds slot is a very famous game that was created by IGT. IGT, also is known as International Gaming Technology, is a renowned name in the casino business as it has been making slot machines and games available to the people who are interested in gambling online. You can also learn how to play three card poker on this platform.

Double diamond slots was a game created by them. There are Double Diamond slot machines present in various casinos where players prefer this game and have been playing it for very long. It was because the game got so famous that it had to be introduced online as well.

There are different online casino websites where this game can be played. You can also read the review of different slots.

There are free one demo versions, and then there are versions in which real money is bet to win massive amounts, many time jackpots. The company, however, has a Double Diamond 3x, 4x, and 5x slot machines with 5 reels and this allows for more and better ways to win.

Various other games are similar to this, but they are still not liked and played as Double Diamond slots. It proves that Double Diamond Slots is better than a lot of the already existing ones and even the new ones as well.

Game Design Of Diamond Slot Machine Game

The sound effects are old and classic since the game is old. The graphics, animations, and supporting game design are suitable for the people who play it. The game design does not cause problems for those interested in playing the double diamond slot machine.

Even the cover of the game shows diamonds along with the number 7 written multiple times. The cover is simple, with no fancy graphics.

Terminologies Of Slots Diamonds Game

RTP Value: The “return to player” amount earned on average by a player has a value of 95.08%. The RTP is usually increased by increasing the number of times a player plays the game.

Wild Symbols: The wild symbol plays a vital role in the game. When the wild symbols appear on the winning payline, they act as a multiplier. The bet is multiplied by two if a player gets one wild symbol on the payline. Similarly, if he gets two wild symbols, then the bet is multiplied by 4. The wild symbol has a vital role in the game as it is used to create the winning lines. Moreover, wild symbols can easily be used as a replacement for all other kinds of symbols.

BAR, the number 7, Any Bar and cherries symbol: These are the different symbols used in the double diamonds slot game and carry its importance.

Instructions To Play Double Diamond Online Slot Game

  • To play Double Diamond slots, you have to select the bet you want to place and then click on spin.
  • The bets can be laced in various currencies like GBP, USD, CAD, and even Euro. There are, however, some limitations to the bets placed in this game with the maximum amount which can be bet is 8 pounds while my sister tells me 2 p

Betting Options In The Double Diamond Slots

The least amount of money that can be bet is 2p, and the highest amount that can be bet is 5 pounds. In the high stake areas, the highest bet can exceed up to $5, $10, and even $100.

Strategies To Play Double Diamond Slots

  • There is no such strategy to play Double Diamond slots. They should know the amount that he should bet. Always start with small bets. This helps to increase the probability of you winning the game. It does depend on your luck if you’re able to get three Double Diamond slots.
  • Use the manual feature for spinning. This helps to stay in control of the number of times you spin and when you need to stop and try again. Another essential part is that if you are not winning anything significant, even then, do not begin to place huge bets with the hopes of winning. Keep placing low bets until you can learn how to play it and can surely place huge bets.
  • Do not place one large amount of money on the initial bets. Always wait to see how the first few tries go, and then if all goes well, you should place a higher bet.

Payouts In The Double Diamond Slots Game

If a player tends to have 2500 casino credits with him, he wins the jackpot and can take home around 12,500 pounds. There is also a separate payout chart on the top of the screen. It guides the player about the combinations and how much they would pay.

In this 3 reels classic slots game, the minimum number of coins can be bet is 1, and the maximum number increases to 3.

On getting a wild symbol on the payline, the bet gets multiplied by 2.

Suppose a player gets one wild symbol on the payline. Similarly, if he gets 2 wild symbols, then the bet is multiplied by 4.

This 3-reel Double Diamond slot game is something that can be played with real money once the player has ample knowledge about it and then can try on playing some other 3 reel slot games as well.

If you’re into playing and want more options to play other than real money, try looking into bit casino as well where you have the options to play with bitcoins as well.


It offers a free version and a Double Diamond slot game with real money played in casinos. The free version of the Double Diamond slot machine has the same old music, making the player feel like they are actually in Vegas betting. The game is yet to be released on the mobile phone, but if you still want to play, you can play different games on online casino pages without any hassle.

The free version of the game, however, can be played at, where the entire process is quite convenient.

It is all about playing the game with the right strategy and moves. If a player makes sure to think and make his calculated moves after that, only then can he play a double diamond slot and win it.

Apart from this game, try out other different card games like let it ride poker and Apollo games.

Double Diamond Slots's Features

The Double Diamond slot has straightforward gameplay, which is the main reason why the game has not gone out of fashion and has not lost its fame until today.

There is one auto spin feature present in the game as well. This auto spin feature has about 10 spins to 50 spins present, but it is recommended to use the manual feature. This way, you are in control and know if you want to go any further or not.

There are online casinos that do that bonus features offering free spins, welcome bonuses, daily bonuses, and even provide cash to players who gather bingo points and casino points.

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  • The game is simple and classic.
  • It’s easier to navigate through the game because of its old and straightforward interface.
  • It has low wagering requirements.


  • The RTP value does not go beyond 12,500 pounds.
  • It still cannot be played on the laptops.
  • It does not have a lot of bonus features.
  • There are no free spins.
  • It lacks a lot of bonus features.

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