How to Play Jacks or Better

Jack or Better

Introduction to Jacks or Better

If you like the skill and talent that comes with a poker game and the luck of slot machines, then you are going to love jacks or better! This game is a combination of both poker and slot machines. Jacks or Better is a popular online poker videogame. This version of poker has provided players worldwide hours upon hours of fun because of its well-balanced combination of skill and luck.

Video poker jacks or better is a variant of Draw Poker. This type of game is easy to play with high payouts. It does not require you to be physically present in a casino. Players can find this video poker game in many online casinos. Online casinos are an excellent way to gamble, considering that everything is on lockdown due to the pandemic.

While jacks or better might have an element of luck in its gameplay, implementing the right strategies can increase the chances of winning when playing the game.

Features of Jacks or Better

Different websites and different machines offer various game features. The common gamble feature available for jacks or better can include opting to go double or nothing, meaning you can choose to risk everything for double the winnings.

The player can keep opting for this feature; however, the game will no longer allow players to opt for this option once the player gets past the house limit.

Another feature that jacks or better offers is called “gamble” and will appear with every winning hand. The player has six chances to guess the color of the card or the suit of the card.

Suppose a player guesses the color of the card correctly, the system will then double the player’s winnings. If the player can correctly guess the suit of the card, the system will then quadruple the player’s winnings. If a player guesses wrong, the player will lose all their winnings that round.

Jacks or Better game tutorial

The game rules for jacks or better video poker are simple and don’t take a lot to follow. The game only has four simple steps that the player must follow to play the game.

An interesting note to keep in mind is how do casinos make money on poker video games? And how do they fight card counters and cheaters?

Casinos do this by re-shuffled after each round to prevent cheaters from counting cards; this method is in place to preserve the integrity and profitability of the game intact.

But before starting a game of Jacks or better, make sure to check out if the website offers any sign-up bonuses or free plays. An excellent example of this would be the king billy casino bonus of 100% more coins on your first top-up.

1. Choosing the amount wager.

The first step to playing jacks or better video poker is to select the amount to wager on each round and the number of hands that you want to play.

2. Hit deal.

By hitting the deal button, the system will give the player a set of five cards for the player to play with and to strategize.

3. Choose which five cards to play and which cards to throw away.

Ideally, players will want to keep game-winning cards by clicking on the hold icon or button next to the corresponding card that you want to keep. The winning hand can consist of four cards, five cards, or a pair of jacks.

Unheld cards will are not saved but discarded instead. The game will then proceed to generate new cards to replace dropped cards.

4. Decide to trigger the gamble option or the double or nothing option.

If the player wins the current round, players can then opt to trigger the gamble option or the double or nothing option to double or even quadruple their winnings.

If the player chooses not to trigger the double or nothing or the gamble option, the player can then restart the game, and the gambling process starts all over again.

If the player chooses double or nothing, the player must play another hand to double his winnings or lose it all.

If the player chooses the “gambling” option, the player must then guess which of the other four face-down cards match the revealed card.

5. Hit replay.

Once the player hits this button, the game will restart from the beginning, and the player can choose to continue with play or to adjust the bet amount or continue playing with it.

How to win at Jacks or Better video poker

Winning in jacks or better is simple to win your hand must include jacks or better as the name suggests. The goal of the video poker game is to have the most reliable possible hand. If you already know how to play poker, the winning hands should be reasonably familiar.

These are the hand combinations that you will want in your hand every game, from highest to lowest:

Royal flush

Royal flush - how to play jacks or better

The royal flush is the rarest and most coveted combination that contains a combination of an ace, king, jack, and a 10 of the same suit. Depending on which website you are gambling in the win will double or give so some bonus. For example, King Billy Casino offers a gift on a royal flush.

Straight flush

Four of a kind how to play jacks or better

The straight flush is the second most critical card combinations to have to win the round. A straight flush has five cards that are in sequence and have the same suit. A good example would be, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, and all suited as diamonds.

Four of a kind

Four of a kind jack or better strategy

Four of a kind is four cards that have the same number. A great example of this is four aces or four queens.

Full house Full house five cards play jacks or better

A full house is a combination of one three of a kind and a pair of cards. This five-card combination is also the best combination that can win all rounds. And if you hold a pair of jacks along with your three of a kind is better as this will net the player more bonuses.


Flush three cards hand pair

Flush is a straight forward hand of cards; a flush consists of five cards of the same suit, the order does not matter as long as they are in the same suit.


Straight five cards

A straight hand of cards consists of five cards that go in sequence. An excellent example of a straight is ace, two, three, four, five with different suits.

Three of a kind

Three of a kind low pair five card

The three of a kind is one of the most common winning combinations that you will encounter in Jacks or better. The hand must consist of three cards of the same value, for example, three cards of Aces.

Two pair

Two pair five card low pair

Two pairs are when you’re dealt a hand with two cards of the same value and is one of the most common cards to have in a five hand cards.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or better low pair new cards video poker

Lastly, getting a pair of jacks or better hand is the game’s iconic hand wins. A hand of cards with a pair of jacks is how most of your games will look like and is one of the most effortless hand to get a win.

Jacks or Better game tips and strategies

Once players have a clear understanding of the rules of Jacks or Better, then it is time to learn some strategies.

Like most video poker games, Jacks or Better is a probability-based game. And many video poker experts suggest that players base their strategies around this concept, making the right decision when it comes to which cards to throw away and which cards to keep can be the difference between winning or losing.

  • Do not try to throw cards that complete a full house, three of a kind, four of a kind, two pair, or a royal flush. These cards can win rounds, and the more wins you have, the more money you get.
  • Never give up a high pair of cards; the rules of probability suggest that another great pair of four cards will likely not make an appearance in the round more so if you’re hoping for a royal flush. So if you’ve got a right hand, don’t give it up for something that might not appear.
  • Always hold a card equal to a Jack or higher than a Jack.
  • If you receive a Jack or something equivalent, go ahead and draw the other four cards.
  • If you have three cards to a straight flush or a four of a kind in your hand only draw one card as this can increase your chances of winning higher rewards
  • If you have a pair, hold those two cards and draw the three more cards in your hand.
  • Practice by using the free version of the game.
  • Depending on which online casino you’re playing in, it’s crucial to take advantage of free plays and bonuses; doing this can increase winnings and losses mitigated.
  • Players must know the different rankings of different hands; doing so will enable players to make informed decisions.
  • Quit when you are ahead. Game designers build casino games to have a house edge, which means that the longer a player plays, the higher the house edge.
  • Research the online casino before committing real money into their website

Jacks or Better payouts

Players must keep in mind that depending on which online casino you are patronizing the payouts might be different, especially in the case of video poker. We have organized this list of payouts from highest to lowest.

  • Royal Flush – 250:1
  • Straight flush – 50:1
  • Four of a Kind – 25:1
  • Full house – 9:1
  • Flush – 6:1
  • Straight – 4:1
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1
  • Two pairs – 2:1
  • Jacks or better 1:1

Always check the payout rates before you play the video poker of your chosen website. This list will serve as a guide in figuring out if you’re on a website that offers high payouts or low payouts. Some sites even provide a more significant payout rate when you have a pair of jacks in your hand.

Players must also keep in mind that the most common return to player rate for the video poker game of jacks or better is 97-99%. This information is readily available in every online casino website.


How do you win at Jacks or Better?

Players can get a win by getting a winning hand combination or getting a card equivalent or higher than a jack.

What is Jacks or Better?

Jacks or Better is a video poker game that combines elements of poker and slot machines into one game.

What is the usual win limit?

The usual win limit per round is usually around 2,000$ But could vary from website to website.


While there are a lot of variations of video poker, Jacks or better has remained a staple in both online casinos and the hearts and minds of gamblers. Due to it’s easy to play nature and high payouts. Jacks or better is a great way to spend the time and earn some money in the process.

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