How to Play Deuces Wild: A Complete Guide for Beginners

deuces wild poker

Video poker has developed from its fundamental roots as what was basically a recreation of the five-card draw poker games. The underlying casino video poker game was Jacks or Better, however, Jacks or Better interactivity can get lifeless, and there aren’t many chances for huge adjustments. Besides, the payback percentage is exceptionally serious contrasted with different games.

Therefore, Deuces Wild video poker stands apart among the wild card games for the commonality of its idea, cool strategy, and interactivity. It is a version of the video poker similar to Double Bonus or Jacks or Better – but with a little twist.

In the following article, we’ll investigate video poker play and how Deuces Wild video poker game contrasts to that, and the utilization of the wild cards. So, let’s have a look!

About Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild card game is one of the numerous varieties of Video Poker games, a combination of slot machines and poker is exciting, often played in a casino. Its main goal is to get the best possible poker hand. You’ll need to pick which cards you need to hold – and you’ll want for the Royal Flush to show up.

For some players, this blend of gambling machines and poker is energizing. But for players who discover table poker a smidgen seriously scary, or they discover it to some degree awkward; video poker turns into their ideal decision for a club game.

What Makes Deuces Wild Stands Out?

Deuces Wild Poker is rather different from other variations of Video Poker. That is the likelihood to supplant any card by a deuce. As such, deuces (2s) go about as wild cards here.

This implies that on the off chance that you have a pair of king and a deuce on the board, you will really have three of a kind kings since the deuce will check towards being a kind, accordingly the name Deuces wild.

Where To Practice Deuces Wild?

Many platforms allow you to perfect the strategy needed for this game, you can check out these honest casino reviews for further references. In the meantime, here are my suggestions:

  • Video Poker Training software: Just set it up so that you’re playing a Deuces Wild paytable. Make sure to check out the Netent Casino software if you prefer this option.
  • Free Platforms: You can play Deuces Wild and get the hang of the strategy of the play on these free sites. A page that I would recommend is Golden Lady Casino. You can also check out these Spartacus Slots review and Diamond Reels Casino’s no deposit bonus review for other references. You can even use the welcome bonus to start gaming with real money.
  • Strategy Charts: A strategy chart for Deuces Wild video poker will spread out the entirety of the prospects as far as hands you may get on the arrangement.

Hands You Need To Know

If you are new to the standard poker hands gameplay included in Deuces Wild, here is a brisk clarification of them:

Royal Flush

Royal flush happens when all the five cards have a place with a similar category and have cards from Ace to the Ten. In the Royal Flush of the Hearts suit, the imperial flush of any suit has the most elevated payout than some other hand in Deuces Wild.

In Deuces Wild, there are two sorts of Royal Flush conceivable and the two of them are dealt with contrastingly when the payout is chosen. On the off chance that one of the cards developing to the Royal Flush was a special case, it has a lower payout than unadulterated or natural Royal Flush.

Wild Royal Flush

The wild royal flush is made by changing over the three twos into the ten, jack, and trick card. As you could figure, a characteristic flush is a lot harder to accomplish. That is the reason it comes with more bonus.

Four Deuces

This hand has all the four deuces from the four suits and one unessential card. As Deuces have more prominent incentive than any remaining cards in the deck in Deuces Wild, the hand with four Deuces is worth more than different hands with four cards of a sort. The position of the various hands having a place with this sort of hand relies on the position of the unimportant card, as every one of the Four Deuces hands will have four same cards and one diverse card.

Here, try to hold all four Deuces and collect the 1000 coin (with max bet) or commonly known as “mini jackpot”.

Five of a Kind

As you can figure, five of a kind – five cards of a similar kind or kind 5 are unrealistic to have in any standard deck, yet in Deuces Wild, it is made conceivable due to the presence of a special case, a Deuce. As deuce can be fill in for any of the cards, it tends to be utilized with four of a kind to make it five of a kind. This hand has a higher position than even a straight flush in Deuces Wild.

Four of a Kind

This hand happens when the player has four cards of similar position and the entirety of the various suits, and one unessential card. The position between every one of the four of a kind hands is chosen concerning the card that happens multiple times, and afterwards the insignificant card. Keep in mind, 4 of a kind with four deuces is positioned higher than some other four of a sort.

Three of a Kind

Three of a kind happens when the player has three cards of various kinds with the very faces and two cards in the five cards that have been managed to him. It is positioned lower than a straight yet higher than a two-pair.

Full House

This is the point at which you get three cards of a similar position and a pair, or when you have 2 pairs with a deuce on the board. This is otherwise called a full boat, or simply boat, or a full hand. In a full house, positions are chosen by the card that comes threefold first then the card that comes twice.

Straight Flush

A straight flush is a hand where you have five cards of a similar kind, and every one of them is in a grouping, yet it’s anything but a regal flush. Straight has rank lower than that of a royal flush yet higher than some other hands in Deuces wild.

With this, keep in mind that:

  • 2W 7 8 X X: would be a playable hand and you should draw two to the straight flush.
  • 2W 4 5 X X: would not be playable. You should hold the deuce and draw four cards.


Flush is the point at which all the cards are of a similar kind, however not every one of them is in a consecutive request. It is positioned under a full house or more a straight. Flush or full house or quad or straight flush that contrast by suits alone is of a similar position.


This hand is the point at which you have consecutive cards, not the entirety of a similar kind. In any straight (Straight or a straight flush), the hand is called King-high straight if the most noteworthy card in the grouping is king.

Inside straight

Inside straight is a hand where the hand has four cards and a missing card that would complete a straight. Four to an inside straight flush is better than an actual straight flush.

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Although quite similar, the strategy of Deuces Wild is really different from the crazy 4 poker playing guide. On the off chance that you need to play Deuces Wild, simply register a gaming account mentioned above and secure your password. Once you have chosen a casino, pick a video poker machine, here is what you need to do:

  • Select wager
  • At the point when you get five cards, choose which ones you need to keep – and dispose of the rest (don’t you set out to dispose of a deuce!)
  • Check your new hand.

Along these lines, that is how your normal round of this casino game online resembles.

Another thing to notice when stepping into casinos or online games is the payout scheme. However, it’s hard to point out a standardized payout scheme since different casinos offer different payout schemes.

The Paytable

Paytable is crucial in Deuces Wild. The payout table here is somewhat less liberal in contrast with different sorts of Poker. Pay tables for these games are changed with the goal that normal winning hands scarcely payout, if by any means. In any case, the compensation for specific Deuces Wild video poker remains among the best altogether of video poker.

A quite common version is:

  • Straight: 2 (1 coin) – 4 (2 coins) 6 – (3 coins) – 8 (4 coins) – 10 (5 coins)
  • Three of a kind: 1 (1 coin) – 2 (2 coins) – 3 (3 coins) – 4 (4 coins) – 5 (5 coins)
  • Flush: 2 (1 coin) – 4 (2 coins) – 6 (3 coins) – 8 (4 coins) – 10 (5 coins)


You can take a stab at playing Deuces Wild on an online page before you put a serious amount of cash on it. Simply learn the ablest strategy for the different pay tables and variations, and try to pick your paytable carefully. Once you’ve understood the game, let’s play!

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