How to Play 4 Card Poker

4 card poker

If you’re not new to how to play four card poker, then you would be familiar with terms like ante, wager, hand rankings, pay table, and so on. Yet, this article will have a beginner play bet like a pro in no time. If you’re wondering how this came into being, Shuffle Master owns the game, and Roger Snow developed it. 

The four card poker game makes use of the same type of table that the famous 3 card poker does, as well as its automatic shuffling machine. But the differences between both games are still quite tangible. Where the dealer s hand needs to qualify in three card poker, and some other poker games, the player s hand can make an additional play bet or fold bets to continue playing the 4 card poker and Let It Ride Poker.

This and other unique features make the 4 card poker vary from what you might be used to from other poker games. To be sure of winning, the strategy is important. Many people have a strategy. And there are some strict rules to make the strategy work.


The four card poker is like a 2-in-1 game. Here’s why: Basically, a player can participate in ante play which involves you playing against the dealer. There’s more than the ante where you can bet the aces up and win with a pair of aces or better. If you play this, you will get paid based on the pay table. This pay table comprises different card hand and their corresponding payout.  

Hence, to play the game, you need to know the poker hand rankings. 

From lowest to highest, here is a list of the hand rankings: four-of-a-kind, straight flush, three-of-a-kind, flush, straight, two Pair, and Pair of aces.

1. Straight flush 40 to 1

2. Three-of-a-kind 

3. Flush

4. Straight

5. Two pair

6. One pair of aces

  • One Pair of Aces is the lowest possible card poker hand that a player needs to play Aces up bet. Having 1 pair of aces at hand means that you have two aces among your cards. If you have this hand, the payout is 1 to 1. You only need a deck of cards to play four card poker. And having any two pair of aces out of four is not an easy feat—so good luck. 
  • Another hand is Two pair. To achieve this hand, the player needs to get the same number twice. For instance, while playing four-card poker, you’ll always have five cards. So let’s say you have 6-8-8-2-2, you have a two pair. We’re taking you from the lowest to the highest, and this hand has a payout of 2 to 1.
  • With the Straight hand in 4 card poker, a player is entitled to a 4 to 1 payout. With aces up bet, you’re playing against the pay table. The player’s hand should look something like this: 10-3-4-5-6. The last four cards make the hand straight.
  • Flush gives a 6 to 1 payout if you have four cards hand, not the same suit. Suppose two players have a flush. The player s hand with the highest cards wins. Hence a card combination with at least 4 cards of the same suit wins this hand.
  • Three of a kind; This hand pays out 8 to 1 two pair 2. If a player has 3-2-10-10-10, it’s a three of a kind. 
  • The Straight Flush pays out with 40 to 1. In Straight flush, the order has to be in the same suit, like all winning cards being hearts for a player to win.
  • In Four-of-a-kind you’ll receive a 50 to 1 two pair payout. The player needs 4 similar symbols cards.

Gameplay / How to Play

The gameplay is quite similar to three card poker. To play four card poker, all that is required is the player and dealer. The dealer offers a player five cards, but you can only use 4 cards to make the best four card hand. The dealer gets six cards, and one of the six cards would be a face up card. 

Typically, you play against the dealer s hand, and the goal is to beat the dealer s hand. When you play against the dealer, you’ll be placing an ante wager. However, You can choose to play the side bet, Aces up, which is against the paytable. Also, you can play both Ante wager and Aces up. 

As you bet ante, choose to fold or raise. Folding means forfeiting your ante bet. But if you bet Aces up along with it, automatic forfeiture of the aces up isn’t applicable. The Aces up still stand except the player wants to deliberately fold it too. If you’re not forfeiting the game, it means you’ll like to continue. This is referred to as ‘play wager’. When you play wager, you can only wager an amount equal to your ante. And players can bet up to three times their ante.

Playing an ante, you’re entitled to a 1 to 1 payout. And the same payout applies if you tie with the dealer. Also when you do ante wager and play wager with the dealer, you’re entitled to a bonus depending on your hand. The table below shows what hand gives which bonus. 

  • Four-of-a-Kind 25 to 1
  • Straight Flush. 20 to 1
  • Three-of-a-Kind 2 to 1

With ante bonus, if the dealer gets a better hand than you do, you’ll still be paid. For instance, the dealer gets four-of-a-kind, and your hand is a straight flush you get a 20 to 1 payout.


The objective, while you place an ante bet, is to get a best four card hand combination that beats the dealer.


The four card poker is easy. To play the ante bet, get four matching cards that beat the dealer. Otherwise, spice things up by playing aces up, which is a side bet, or both. You win with two pair aces or better. Players can bet an ante wager, and if it favours them, players can bet up to three times their ante to continue. Check out our casino reviews to see how different online places rate.

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Playing with basic strategy will give you a good house edge which is an advantage to make money. The house edge can be as low as 2.788 % if you use the best strategy. There are about three types of strategy to make winning poker four card easy. However, one basic strategy for beginners is that players should raise their wager three times if they have one pair of tens. 

Don’t forget that pay tables exist for bonuses and ace ups, which is a side bet, and the player s hand has to match them to qualify for a payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4 Card Poker Called?

Four card poker game is similar to the three card poker game. In this card poker, four cards are what you need to win a bet out of five cards. 

Can You Play Poker With 4 Players?

Yes, you can. Traditionally, players can bet with up to 6 other players. And with four card poker, you bet ante against the dealer or the paytable to receive payouts.

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