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Without a doubt, Microgaming is one of the biggest names in an online casino and gaming. Traditionally, every licensed casino has a slot machine in place. Microgaming slots are many, and most casinos all over the world are partners with this giant. Even though they are pioneers in online games, they’ve not been left behind by changes in innovations. Microgaming has achieved a lot of milestones and the most popular being 243-ways slots. Unlike other slots, the 243 Ways doesn’t include play lines, and players can land symbols in the parallel reels and subsequently win. There are 243 chances of winning with every spin. When you multiply this with the spaces, then the odds are incredibly large. However, there are other slots most of them movie base that has propelled Microgaming to be the market leader. They have lucrative and prominent deals with movie houses such as the Tom raider and lord of the rings.

Microgaming Slots's Features

Jackpot Mania is one of the largest slot games in work and Microgaming is the big name behind these famous slots. This progressive jackpot is one of the best online slots where players stake money to win huge amounts.

The Mega Moolah is the largest in the world and in the history of jackpots. Indeed in 2019, a player hit the mega jackpot of 18.8 million euros.

Mega Moolah has dished out prizes worth millions of dollars and can only match Mega Fortune from NetEnt game provider.

Other than the Mega Moolah, Microgaming has progressive slots games that have enormous jackpots. For example, there are major millions, which have paid thousands of dollars. There is also the King Cashalot that has equally paid mind-blowing figures. Others include Cryptoskull which runs a single game besides having an online chat for the players.

Although there are other entrants when it comes to online slots, Microgaming is still the king. It regularly adds new slots to its product line, and there are lots of buzzes that make the launch a news item.

There are other games such as the European roulette amongst other variations that have paid thousands of dollars.

The most recent slots games include Mega Vault Millionaire, a dark matter, lock a luck, treasures of lion city, jungle Jim & the lost sphinx, crystal dawn, and more. The most popular of these is the jungle Jim & the lost sphinx since it takes the players in an adventure search. Additionally, Double Diamond slots is one of the simplest games offered by Microgaming.

Best Games by Microgaming Slots

Games by Microgaming

There are numerous casino reviews on Microgaming. Here, we explore some of the best games by the Microgaming software provider.

Game of thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the best Microgaming slots games. Its a huge success and derives the story from a tv show that runs on HBO. It has some generous bonuses and other game features that include a huge payout. You can preview it for free and is downloadable on a mobile device. Hence, it offers players the chance to play on the go. Although it doesn’t offer progressive jackpots, you can stake and win several payouts. The best thing about the game slot os that you can play five reels and 15 paylines or opt for 243 ways.

Other features include the wild and scatter symbol which appears as an Iron Throne. There are also free spins which are activated by three scatters. The Game is action-packed and offers players random prizes. However, the bet amounts are a bit lower.

Immortal romance

Simply put, the Immortal Romance slot game is another popular slot game from Microgaming casino software. It has some beautiful features which include mechanics and graphics. The storyline is deep and intriguing, whereas the payouts are appetizing. Certainly, you’ll only need to unlock the amazing features and get immersed in free spins.

Unlike progressive slots games, this Game lacks a generous bonus. However, there are free spins alongside the wild symbol that guarantees a free win. Additionally, after triggering the free spin, you can stake on the Amber-bonus. Upon unlocking, there are more features such as Troy, Micheal, and Sarah with all having free spins and random multipliers.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II Slots is one of the best Microgaming casino games which was released in 2010. This online gaming is an advancement of the original version, and this features five reels along 243 ways of winning. Other than that, other different features include huge bonuses and the opportunity to win millions of coins.

Thunderstruck II is perfectly balanced, and users have a chance to win big. With lots of extras, this is an exciting game with multiple wins and different awards.


Avalon video game slot is another medium-level game offered by Microgaming. It features five reels and a wide variety of pay lines. Avalon also has free spins, symbols, and a captivating storyline. It’s a legendary game slot where you can win thousands of coins.

Although it has few graphics, the bonuses are impressive, and overall the game is simple to master for beginners. Besides being entertained, you can walk away with high payouts.

Xcalibur Slot game

Xcalibur Slot game is another thriller from Microgaming. It allows users to experience a legendary story of King Arthur as he quests Camelot using a classic sword. The Game is mysterious, but the environment has some amazing graphics.

There are big prizes to win, surprises, and bonus features, and if you’re up to some risks, great rewards await you. As long as you te reels keep spinning, you can target the scatter and get a free spin.

Kings of Cash

Kings of Cash is yet another game from Microgaming that is medieval-based. Here, you get to hang-out with some characters from the past as you seek to bag some prizes. There are some prizes to be won and a multiplier that only befits a loyalty.

You can play this Game in reputable online casinos. Its a fun-filled slit and features a lot of animations alongside the action-packed theme.

Microgaming Slots Casino List – Where Can I Play?

Microgaming slots are available in countless casinos around the world. It has been around for many years, and their journey started in 1994 when the Gaming club launched the slot games. It’s no wonder its hard to find an online casino without a Microgaming slot.

Microgaming slots are also popular in different poker rooms and one of the most common is Caribbean Stud poker. The Microgaming slots games are either downloadable on a mobile phone or tablet or players can play directly from their browsers. Also, online casinos offer players a chance to play live. Additionally, there are hundreds of flash casino games, and Microgaming slots games are compatible with lots of devices including android, iOS devices, blackberry, and more.

The quality of Microgaming software is top-notch, and hs won several awards. For these reasons, most casinos prefer Microgaming slots games.

Unfortunately, Microgaming left the American gambling industry in 2008 after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act became law. However, it still adds new slots games and casinos from their head office in the Isle of Man.


Security is a major concern for most software developers, and Microgaming is no exception. Microgaming products have a high level of encryption when it comes to protecting the privacy of their players’ data. The company uses modern technology, and online casinos use highly secured systems for its clients. Some of the latest technology used by Microgaming include AES encryption, 128/256-bit SSL certificates, and other unique programs to prevent loss of data.

Additionally, Microgaming has internal systems for testing the gaming software and uses third parties to inspect the equipment. Also, Microgaming was awarded the certified software seal from the compliance body eCoGRA.

In preventing attacks or hazards, Microgaming has a central fraud unit complete with a team that monitors, inspects, and analyses online casinos gameplays. Therefore these tools help in protecting online casinos and gamblers.

Another thing to note is that Microgaming uses SSL technology that ensures players’ credit card details are kept safe. It also protects players’ information such as the Social Security Numbers from going to third parties. SSL is a necessary protocol that is widely applied on the internet.

Online casino Microgaming also relies on the AES system, which is useful for sending sensitive information between parties. Lastly, Microgaming protects against DDoS, which is an attack on the servers. It applies a lot if interventions like black hole routing and using the cloud-based anti-DDos system. It also enhances the firewall by using defensive mechanisms such as the IPS.

To prevent loss of data, Microgaming uses unique software in all their projects. On the same note, there is a scanner that can detect and diagnose problems in the database. It monitors any change in permissions and detects loose area or leakages.

Payment Options

There are different ways through which players can deposit or withdraw their winnings after placing a bet on a slot machine. When bankrolling real money, players must have a payment platform in place.

Paypal is the most popular payment method since it allows users to send money safely around the world. With PayPal, you can deposit your funds since most casinos accept this type of payment. Before you stake your money in different casino games, it’s vital to have your payment method verified by the online casino,

The first step is to sign-up for a PayPal account and connect to your bank account. Once the verification process has ended, you can now transfer amounts to the Microgaming online casino sites.

Direct money transfers are also a popular method for depositing and withdrawing money from a Microgaming casino site. However, it depends on your bank, and it’s advisable to consult for advice. Additionally, you can use a debit card or credit card to provide a reliable money transfer. It’s essential to visit your bank for online activation.

Most online casinos also use the Click2pay payment method that players can use to deposit or withdraw funds. This method is safe and uses the latest technology, which makes it popular amongst players. The signing up method is just like PayPal, and you’ll need to connect to your bank account or credit card.

Paysafecard is a prepaid card used in Europe. Microgaming online casinos across Europe rely on these cards as a payment solution alongside other methods.

The advantage of this method is that you can sign-up for the prepaid card without opening an account. The cards are available in various stores across Europe, petro pumps, banks, and more. Only European citizens can access this method.

Click and buy is an online money transfer method that’s popular in Europe and other countries. It’s simple and convenient with a huge customer base. Most websites, mostly Microgaming casinos, accept payments, and deposit from this method. This electronic option also scores great points in protecting members’ privacy.

The Ukash payment method is the most recent and available in Europe. Players love it since it’s simple and secure without the need to use credit cards or debit cards. Microgaming online casinos accept this method, and if you’re up to betting with real money, then Ukash will be your allay. You can choose to use a nineteen digit voucher and play your favorite online slot game.

Postepay is yet another payment option used by Microgaming online slots casino. It’s an e-wallet option that lets players transfer money directly to the casino websites. This method is safe; however, you’ll need to use a secure PIN number as well as TAN to confirm the payment. Depositing money is more straightforward, but your claim amount is sent to a Microgaming online casino website for you to withdraw.

We also need to mention Instadebit which a money transfer method. It’s similar to classic debit cards where the money is deposited instantly without any charges. The first step is to open an online account, and after verification, you’ll receive payments and deposit amount to your Microgaming online casino website.


Microgaming slot casino software success is mostly due to their progressive jackpots slot with huge payouts(RTP)and old games that are still a crowd puller. With close to three decades of existence, few providers can match this online casino giant. Also, some of the best Microgaming games are reputable and available in many casinos worldwide. Indeed you can play free games as well as real money. Some of its strengths include open casinos, 243 ways online slots, and movie-based slots games. The only downside is that they are not popular amongst young and new gamblers due to a lack of sassy slot games. Tech-savvy players consider it as an old school since most of their progressive slots are more than a decade old. However, it has financial muscles, and their games still draw a huge following among online gamblers.

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  • Large workforce
  • Over 600 games to its name
  • Huge jackpot payouts
  • Slot machines are modern and blend with almost all the games in their line.
  • Some of the Microgaming slots games are movie-based


  • Microgaming is not popular among young tech-savvy players
  • Some of the Microgaming slots games are not attractive to many players
  • Some of the slots games are complicated especially for first-time players

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