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For people who are interested in playing gambling games and playing Ultimate Texas Holdem or Three Card Poker, Crazy 4 Poker is something that can pique your interest. So if you want to learn how to play this game and become a proficient player, keep reading this post to the end. This post will help those who are not familiar with this addictive game have a good grasp of it as well as provide insight into strategic techniques used by more experienced players.

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What is Crazy 4 Poker?

Crazy 4 Poker is a casino table game developed by Roger Snow. Like some other pokers, such as Three Card Poker, all the players at the table try to beat the dealer. To play the game, the player and the dealer in turn will be given five cards to form their best four-card hand. A four-card straight is a straight, a four-card flush is a flush, and a four-card straight flush is a straight flush. Crazy 4 Poker is a game that can deliver big payouts, attracting the promise of big winnings to many.

Game features

  • The game will be played with two alternate 52-card decks, with each hand swapped.
  • Players must make even money on the Ante wager and Super Bonus wager. There is an optional bet called the “Queens Up” side bet.
  • Starting after the player/dealer, sets of 5 cards will be delivered clockwise.

Terminologies in the game


Push is a term used to indicate a tie. There will be a push if a player has the same hand as the dealer. Then the play player has his bet returned.

Dealer Qualify

The dealer does qualify with a King high or better. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the play bet wins and the Ante pushes. When the dealer does qualify, then their hand is compared to the player s hand. If your hand beats the hand of the dealer, you will be paid even money for your Ante and Play bets.

Ante Bet

An Ante is a compulsory bet in which, before the deal starts, all players put an equal amount of money or chips into the pot.

Play Bet

It is a bet made after the player determines that after the five cards are given, he wants to continue playing and not forfeit. Play bet determines the next step in the game.

Super Bonus Bet

The Super Bonus wins when the player has a Straight or higher card values. Failure to get at least a straight does not result in an automatic loss. If you tie or beat the dealer with less than a straight, your Super Bonus bet pushes. If you are beaten by the dealer and your hand doesn’t have a straight or better, you will lose your Ante, Play, and Super Bonus bets. However, your Super Bonus bet is paid if the dealer beats you and your hand includes a straight or better bet, but your initial Super Bonus wager is not excluded.

Queens Up

The Queens Up bonus bet wins when you receive a pair of queens or better. The Queens Up bet is not affected by what the dealer s hand is.

Crazy 4 Poker Rules

General Rules

To begin with, all players must make their choice of an Ante bet and Super Bonus Wager which is equal in value. The player and the dealer are each issued with 5 cards. After that, the players will check out their cards and determine whether they want to fold or raise their bets. To do that, you have to put a play wager. You lose all the bets if you decide to fold. You will need to put up to three times the ante bet if you choose to raise. Make sure you have at least a pair of aces to do this. If not, place a play bet that is equal to the original ante bet. Players combine and select the best four-card poker hand from the five cards issued. After placing the stakes, the dealer now turns his cards for the players to view and determine the best ranking four cards out of the five, which makes the dealer s hand. The dealer s hand is then compared to the players to determine the winning side.

For the dealer to be played, his hand must own at least a King high. If the dealer has any pairs or any other variations, his hand can be played against the best 4 cards of the players. If the dealer’s hand cannot be played, the Ante bet pushes. If a player s hand outranks the dealer’s hand, the player will win even money on their ante and play wagers. If the dealer maintains more valuable cards, however, the player will lose both their ante and raise bets.

Rankings of hands

1. Four of a Kind

2. Straight Flush

3. Three of a Kind

4. Flush

5. Straight

6. Two Pair

7. Pair

8. No Pairs


To win the Super Bonus bet, you need to have:

  • A straight or a higher ranking poker hand
  • You win even with less than a straight
  • Even if you lose but still have a straight

In the Super Bonus bet, the payouts for some hands can be very lucrative, while landing some of the hands is considerably difficult. The pay table is as follows:

– Straight: 1 to 1

– Flush: 1.5 to 1

– Three of a Kind: 2 to 1

– Straight Flush: 15 to 1

– Four of a Kind: 30 to 1

– Four Aces: 200 to 1

The second side bet available to players is the Queens Up bet, which pays out any time the player has a pair of Queens or better. There are numerous Queens Up bet pay tables. Here is the pay table information that is given and used by most Las Vegas Casinos:

-Pair of Queens or Better: 1 to 1

-Two Pair: 2 to 1

-Straight: 3 to 1

-Flush: 4 to 1

-Three of a Kind: 7 to 1

-Straight Flush: 40 to 1

-Four of a Kind: 50 to 1

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Strategy and Analysis

In general, if your hand features King, Queen, 8, 4, or higher, you should increase your stake with a raise bet. With Crazy 4 Poker, another general rule of thumb is to make the 3x raise bet any time you can. Strategists say that folding will be wise in all other cases.

The game employs a simple strategy. Be sure to use these simple rules:

  • If you have a pair of aces or better ranking cards, then place a significant raise. With at least a pair of aces, you can bet up to three times your Ante.
  • Place small raise bets if you have a K, a Q, an 8, or a 4.
  • Fold if you any other card ranks


Crazy 4 Poker is a great game to play for the players who have been away from the action but want to still get in the game. If you want to be a good player in this game, make sure you read carefully both our tips and strategies.

If you’d want to get some practice in on some of the Crazy 4 Poker strategies discussed above, or generally want to have a feel of being a player before you risk a sum of money, there are many places that you will find that you can do it online for free. Other poker games are available on Mbit casino, or Fortunejack.

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