Satoshi Dice review

Satoshi Dice

Daily prizes of 0.4 BTC


  • Provably Fair
  • Easy to play
  • No registration required
  • Anonymous gambling




  • USA players not accepted
  • Only accepts Bitcoin
  • No bonuses
  • Not mobile compatible
  • No live chat


Regulation: Curacao

App: Desktop

In-Play: Yes

Support: Email, Bitcointalk forum

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Is Satoshi Dice legit?

Yes, the casino is legit. Satoshi Dice is a pioneer in the Bitcoin gambling industry and has a long-standing reputation of being one of the best blockchain-based gambling websites currently available on the market. Blockchain-based gambling has seen a rise in popularity since it’s early days in Satoshi Dice and has since become a trailblazer for blockchain modes of gaming.

Satoshi Dice’s newfound blockchain-based success proved that Bitcoin gambling is as fun, and as legitimate. This spear-headed the way for other numerous other Bitcoin casino games.

Even today, the game remains a staple in the Bitcoin gambling industry and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Satoshi Dice bet meter


How to Register for Satoshi Dice

One of the best reasons to play the game is that players don’t need to register. The game will not ask for an email address of any kind.

The game only requires players to have a BTC online cryptocurrency wallet already set up to exchange real money to Bitcoin.


Does Satoshi Dice have bonuses?

Unfortunately, the game does not currently offer any email sign-up, refill, top-up, or any kind of bonuses now. But it’s always worthwhile to send their customer service team an email asking to be notified of any bonuses that might come up soon.

Satoshidice game Bitcoin security


What security measures does Satoshi Dice have?

Satoshi game keeps all it’s users anonymous since it offers a hands-off approach when it comes to payment and withdrawal options. The website focuses on its blockchain-based efficiency.

The lightning-quick Bitcoin transfer method was so effective that it was mistaken as a DDoS attack on Bitcoin exchange wallets.

Experts guessed that this might have been due to the high amount of new players using the website, which made it seem like it was an attack when, in reality, the server simply overloaded with the high number of traffic running through the website.

The website has since then upgraded its security software, only using top-of-the-line technology and security techniques to secure both the site and the players.

As of writing, the website has maintained a clean record of awarding it’s players their wins on time. And there are currently zero reported cases of DDoS attacks since 2014.

The game also always uses the “provably fair” system, which uses unique secret keys, to make sure that all bets are fair, and the outcome cannot be changed by the system to win games unfairly.

Satoshi Dice withdrawal and deposit


Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Since the game does not require any email registrations, the system will directly send the deposited amount to the player’s choice of Bitcoin cash wallet.

There are numerous online Bitcoin wallets to exchange real money to cryptocurrency, but we recommend the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic

Withdrawals in the game are automatic and can happen every time a player receives a win; this is due to the nature of cryptocurrency wallets and the website game address.

Additionally, bet funds are transferred from the player’s cryptocurrency wallet address as soon as the QR address code gets scanned, or if the Bitcoin cash address is confirmed.

There are rare occasions wherein the software causes a delay in the evaluation and payout process. The game developers have designed the game to pay the player once the bets have been placed. The game calculates the date and the number of bets placed, to prevent a mismatch of any lucky number.


Does Satoshi Dice have any other games on their website?

No, it doesn’t have other games. The game developers have chosen to only focus on their blockchain-based game and have not added or developed other games alongside Satoshi Dice.


User Interface and User Experience

What the Satoshi Dice game Bitcoin development team has achieved in terms of the user interface design is nothing less than excellent. They have opted for a simplistic but user-friendly interface, which requires very little of the user in terms of computer knowledge to navigate and bet.

There may be an apparent absence of flair or animations and anything that might distract the player from the main game. In exchange for giving up a good number of gimmicks, the development team has chosen to focus on its easy-to-navigate user interface.

The website designers may have dedicated a large portion of the home page to the game and nothing else, but that’s all a new player needs to play. They have also added a helpful community thread at the bottom, which players can use to follow winning betting patterns.

It’s become clear that a lot of Bitcoin casinos have taken from Satoshi Dice’s website design and adapted similar user interface techniques into their own.


Is satoshi dice on mobile?

No, it is not mobile. As of writing, the game currently does not offer its services on mobile phones. Players can only get their wins, send their bets, and exchange their real money on their desktops.


Customer service

There is currently no available live chat or phone support team for the players to send their concerns immediately.

They may not have the most commonly used customer service support systems, but they do have an email support staff, which players can send their concerns.

Their expert team of technicians always address customer to the best of their abilities. Keep in mind though that emails that users send can take up to 24 hours to get answered.

The website also has an in-depth instruction page that answers the most frequently asked questions that may be requested by new players.


What’s the house edge?

The house has a 0.9% advantage.

How can I play?

You can start playing by sending Bitcoin Cash to any of their listed addresses. Once the money is sent, the bet is automatically placed.

How can I get a cryptocurrency cash wallet?

You can get a cryptocurrency cash wallet by registering and adding money on the websites mentioned above.

How can I get on the leaderboards?

You can get on leaderboards if your winnings are high enough or rare enough you will appear on the leaderboards

Does satoshi dice have other games to offer?

No, unlike other websites that use cryptocurrency to gamble, the site only offers one BTC dice game.


The is undeniably one of the best blockchain-based betting websites currently available. Since their opening back in 2012, satoshi dice has delivered a quality that no other site has managed to match. It’s an easy-to-navigate website, simplistic design, and, most importantly, the low house edge is what keeps players new and old loyal.

Satoshi dice will forever have a place in every player’s hearts for years to come. It’s simplistic yet innovative design will continue to attract players for years to come.

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