Nitrogen Sports

100% Welcome Bonus


  • complete anonymity registration
  • numerous rewards and promotions
  • seamless and secured deposit and withdrawal options
  • wide array of games you can bet on
  • interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • support service is available 24×7 via email and ticketing system


  • lack of the signup and initial deposit bonus
  • deals with Bitcoin transactions only
  • No app version


Regulation: Lagos State Lotteries Board

Statistic: Betradar

Betting Markets: 30

App: Download

In-Play: Yes

Support: E-mail, live chat, hotline

Table of Contents

Nitrogen Sports is an exclusive Bitcoin casino that has been around for quite some time now. It has gained popularity and built its reputation through bitcoin betting. Additionally, it allows its members’ complete anonymity while still enjoying all the games on their website. Nitrogen Sports is more than just a sportsbook. It offers diverse options for gamblers such as live betting, casino games such as slots, Baccarat, nitrogen poker, Dice games, and many more.

Among other gambling sites, this is the most captivating and engaging online Bitcoin site in terms of the players’ activities. Promotions and other offers are a guarantee to keep the existing customers. These can as well encourage many new invitations.


What is Nitrogen Sports, and is it legit?

Nitrogen Sports is an exclusive and legitimate Bitcoin-only sportsbook. It was started in 2012, and it encompasses a sports bet, Poker, Dice, and Casino gaming. Media Inc., which the parent company wholly owns all rights reserved to this Bitcoin sportsbook and is also based in Costa Rica. As many of us have to come to find that most online casinos do not actual locations, Sports Nitrogen is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Nitrogen Sports has been fully registered and licensed by the government of Costa Rica. This means that sports bettors in the United States get a piece of this pie. On top of that, customer care is based in the home country while the Marketing team is based in Canada.

You can check out other Nitrogen casino reviews in addition to this Nitrogen Sports review. All Nitrogen Sportsbook reviews have been positive. I haven’t seen one betting site that has blacklisted this online casino, but going by what they have, it seems Nitrogen Sports has undoubtedly made its mark. This Nitrogen Sports review will be used to review all you need to know about this outstanding sportsbook casino.


How to register

One of the most critical features of a great online casino is the ease of registration. For players who love their anonymity, Nitrogen betting is where you need to be. Registering a Nitrogen account is very easy for new players. This is because, unlike other betting sites where you need to provide your personal information, Nitrogen Sports does not ask for that. Instead, it creates an account with your website cookie stored on your computer. Like many other sites out there, Nitrogen Sports only allows one account per person. It is prohibited to open more than one statement with regard to their terms of service.

However, in the event that you have used another browser to login to your account, you will need to provide your email address, password, and username. If that does not work, you can always find customer service personnel who are readily available.


There are countless promotions and rewards available to Nitrogen Sports players. These awards come as Nitro points or gold, diamond, platinum, silver, and bronze reward tiers. Typically, you will begin with bronze. The more you play, the more points you earn. One thing that stands out is that while playing nitrogen bet, they don’t have a deposit bonus. The more points you earn, the higher you go towards silver, gold, and the rest. Each of these tires come with multipliers. With these multipliers, the higher the level, the faster you earn Nitro that is spendable currency. Below is an illustration of each level.

Tire or Level Points you require Multiplier

a. Diamond 7,500 2.5

b. Platinum 2,500 2.0

c. Gold 500 1.5

d. Silver 100 1.0

e. Bronze 0 1.0

The Nitro Points earned are redeemable. You can redeem these points to get free bets on sports or mBTC. I advise the Players to play regularly but responsibly for the more you play in a month, the higher the rewards. Below is an illustration of the points you will require to get a certain amount of cash reward in mBTC.

40000 Nitro will give you 3200 mBTC

15000 Nitro will provide you with 1200 mBTC

5000 Nitro will give you with 400 mBTC

2000 Nitro will provide you with 150 mBTC

800 Nitro will provide you with 50 mBTC

500 Nitro will provide you with 20 mBTC

Additionally, you can earn free bet coupons from the Nitro store as shown below;

2000 mBTC for 12000 Nitro

800 mBTC for 4800 Nitro

200 mBTC for 1300 Nitro

100 mBTC for 750 Nitro

20 mBTC for 200 Nitro

2 mBTC for 24 Nitro

The promotions given are often towards sports betting fans and are earned monthly or weekly, depending on the games available that week. The promotions that make Nitrogen Sports well-known include;

  1. Nitrogen NBA underdog challenge offer. This offer has the most preferred among players in Nitrogen Sports. Players get a chance to win NBA basketball free bets. One more thing you get to win is an additional cash reward of 0.1 BTC.
  2. The Parlay Jackpot offer. This jackpot is only available once in a month when a parlay is being played. During this time, the sportsbook and casino include the pot, a portion of the bet. The bets are grouped into three; Featherweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. The highest parlay takes home the jackpot each month.
  3. You will also find NFL Survivor Pool weekly promotions that are usually unique every week or month. The offer has enticing rewards and is available only during sports seasons. The player has to choose a team to win per week but only pick that team once.

A player can also get these Nitro points from daily Nitrogen Sports bet poker plays. The nitro points from playing in this poker room can allow the wager to earn profitable and private rolls that are free weekly or monthly.

Nitrogen Sports allows players a wide variety of offers, aside from the rewards and promotions available. Players can also get free bets and bonuses from predicting who is awarded medals during the Olympics. Bettors can also purchase exciting commodities such as baseball caps, tops, hoodies, and many others from the Nitrogen Sports shop, making the sportsbook and casino more entertaining than other competing gambling sites. These new commodities can be bought using your Bitcoin account, loyalty points earned, or debit and credit cards. These offers make Nitrogen Sports by far the most engaging and captivating gambling site.

Usually, other gambling sites give players signups or a first deposit bonus to entice new players. On the other hand, this is not the case for Nitrogen Sports, which is quite disadvantageous. This, however, cannot deter the fans from playing at this sportsbook and casino. This is because of the numerous rewards, free bet, and promotions cover up for the lack of the signup and initial deposit bonus.


Bitcoin is one of the most secure currencies in the world. This is because it is not owned or regulated by anyone. Living in an era where information is power, as they say, people with malicious plots can hack into systems and steal personal data, which can be used to take and extort from you. Nitrogen Sports SSL encryption and uses two-factor authentication, whereby you are assured that all your transactions are safe and secure. The two-factor authentication ensures that even if you have the password, you will have to input another code sent by the site for added verification. This Nitrogen Sports review, as well as many others, have, having gone through its security protocols, has identified this as an added advantage to this Bitcoin site. Compared with other gambling sites, this plays a significant role in creating trust with many Bitcoin players.


This sportsbook only deals with Bitcoin transactions. There is no hustle with banks or other fiat currency for that matter. As compared to cash games, where players know the exact amount they wager, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can bring confusion to many people as they have to be excellent in math to calculate exactly how much they are using in terms of dollars. This is because it requires some level of knowledge that many people may not have. The best thing about using bitcoin as a deposit method and as an overall transaction method is that transactions are instant. You do not have to wait for a cheque to be processed. There are many advantages tied to using Bitcoin.

  1. The first advantage is that the transactions are fast. It takes less time to deposit using bitcoin than other payment methods like bank and credit cards.
  2. Secondly, the transaction fees charged are between zero and low fees in case you need to speed up the process. Additionally, using this method does not charge you a fee to convert currency, whether it is the USD or other fiat currencies.
  3. The third and most attractive advantage is security. By using Bitcoin, you can be assured of security. There are two ways to go around this.
  • The first part is that, usually, Bitcoin transactions are not recorded in a company’s database. They are instead stored in a public ledger called a blockchain. Again, this ledger is not regulated by an authority or organization but by the people dealing with Bitcoin themselves.
  • The second part is that it is the anonymity associated with bitcoin. You do not transact using personal details while using Bitcoin. This ensures the safety of your own and sensitive information as compared to the other banking methods.

Their Bitcoin deposit method is unique and instant. Other gambling sites will first want to enquire how much money you would like to deposit in USD currency. They will then ask you to send that amount to a Bitcoin address they will give you. On the other hand, Nitrogen Sports will issue you with a Bitcoin address to make a deposit. Usually, they provide you with a Bitcoin wallet deposit address upon signing up. That makes it easy to deposit Bitcoin, after which you can simply bet and win.

While logged in your account, scroll to find a yellow bitcoin balance button, which offers you the option to deposit and withdraw. The next step is to deposit a Bitcoin amount of your choosing into your account wallet. In a matter of seconds, you can see the amount reflecting in your Nitrogen Sports account. However, you will have to wait for a confirmation for the transaction before you are allowed to bet. Unlike other sportsbooks, Nitrogen Sports will tell you if the deposit is not confirmed. From there, they will provide you with a link to view the status of the blockchain transaction or deposit. When the deposit has been confirmed, you can go ahead and place your bets.

For withdrawals, the process is seamless. The process here only involves Bitcoin only as well—no bank transactions, credit, or debit cards. There is a withdrawal button available that lets you input the address to withdraw. The cost of withdrawing Bitcoin from Nitrogen Sports is a small fee of 0.0001 BTC. This fee is only charged to the Nitrogen Sports accounts that are only one week older. Besides, if you ask to withdraw more than once in 6 days, this fee is chargeable. It takes less time to get your withdrawal amount as compared to other sportsbooks available out there. Withdrawing from Nitrogen Sports is instant, and the maximum time it can take can be 4 hours.


Nitrogen Sports has a wide array of games you can bet on, indeed. From Bitcoin casinos, virtual games, and sports, players have an unlimited choice of games depending on their preferences. Nitrogen Sports is determined to ensure that their players get the best experience when they visit their site. Players have a chance to win the Nitrogen-free bet the more they play at Nitrogen Sports. You can redeem your Nitrogen-free bet at any time you wish in all sports betting games.

Sport games

Sports betting is the most played game in online gambling. This is due to the fact that they don’t rely on RNG for results rather than results that can be seen physically. The minimum you can bet on sports bets is 0.0001 mBTC, which is about 0.6 dollars. Their interactive interface is easy to navigate and place bets on different games simultaneously by building parlays on your bet slip. For those who have betting friends, it is easy to share your bet using the URL and remember the more you play, the more your chances s of getting a free bet from Nitrogen. Some of the games to consider include;


2. Basketball

3. Soccer

4. Baseball

5. Cricket

6. Eating Contests

7. Football

8. Golf

9. Hockey

10. MMA

11. Aussie Rules Football

12. Badminton

13. Boxing

14. Chess

15. Darts

16. Motorsports

17. Rugby

18. Table Tennis

19. Volleyball

Casino gaming

When you hear of online gambling, you wouldn’t forget to mention casino gaming. Most Bitcoin casinos have a wide selection of casino games, which are provided by some of the best software developers such as Microgaming. However, as competition goes, Nitrogen games have gone a mile further in developing their casino games. They have not partnered with some of the well-known developer brands in the market, like Evolution Gaming. Despite that, they have done quite a good job at that. Some of the games you will find in the casino are; Dice, Baccarat, One Deck Blackjack, Two Deck Blackjack, Eight Deck Black Nitrogen Poker, Knockout Slots. The live casino does not have a live dealer, and that is one setback you will find at this Bitcoin casino.

Playing casino at Nitrogen Sports is not that thrilling as compared to other gambling sites. This is because it doesn’t have a diverse game selection like other sites. The casino uses the provably fair system meaning that the results produced are fairly produced. Nitrogen Sports ensures that players can click on the provably fair option and see how the random numbers were generated.

Slots games

When it comes to online gambling, slots come to many people’s minds. Nitrogen games have a honeycomb design user interface, which is graphically enticing. You can adjust free spins, bet amount on each turn, add auto-spin, and manage the speed of the game.

Dice games

When we talk of dice games, most of us are stuck on the six dot-sided cubes we roll in Craps. Here at Nitrogen, dice games are digitally played. This means rather than use the usual dice we all know, their dice has values from 0-99.99. The purpose of the game is to wager on if the resulting spin will be higher than the set value or not. What excites many players is the ability to set the odds of this game of luck. The result of the spin is put in percentage 0 to 98%, and the system calculates the value you should end up with, which will be below or higher.


This is the new market for many gambling sites and players. If you are not up to speed, you might want to get a quick peek on what it’s all about. Nitrogen is offering more than other bookmarkers in this market category. Some of the games you will find are; StarCraft, Dota 2, CS: GO, and others.

Nitrogen poker

The site has gone further in enticing their users by allowing players to take notes and change their avatars whenever they want. But before you start playing nitrogen poker, you need to understand what you are playing. For example, when you play with 0.001mBTC, that is 1/1000th of BTC, usually around $0.6 though it varies according to the current value. You should know that Nitrogen sports have explicitly banned HUDs (head-up displays) while playing Nitrogen poker. This function allows a player to view the opponent’s statistics and moves in the game. The poker room will display the financial figures in mBTC in your account. Other features in the menu button include adjusting the animation, sound effects, turning the chat off, exiting from the table as well getting the rules of the game.

Playing the three card poker allows up to 5 participants at a go. Players can select whether they want to play alone or against other players. Nitrogen sports poker recommends players to play using the pro-table mode feature, which opens a new separate window making you enjoy this game of chance with no distractions whatsoever. As the Nitrogen poker room does not have many players, many players have grown to know each other through their avatars and have become like a small community of Nitrogen Sports poker game players. Yes, the power of Nitrogen poker!


If you have visited the website, you have probably seen its interface. It is simple to navigate, and search options are readily available. It is also easy to collapse and expand the functions and features for easy access by hovering your mouse over specific tasks. Furthermore, you can also customize your bets and maximize your potential winning without having to move around so many pages. Nitrogensports boasts of impressive graphics that are sharp and vector-based, meaning that even when you maximize to full screen, the images are still apparent. The site also comes with tile options where you can play multiple tables simultaneously.

Nitrogen Sports has made its website so that it takes less time to load pages, giving you the best user experience through maximum navigation. It is possible to toggle through the odds and choose your desired odd presentation such as decimal, American, or combination formats, something that stands out from other sites. Many players through sports reviews have indicated they haven’t found a situation where the site has glitches ever, hang, or slowed down when playing different casino tables. Still, their in-play live option is something to anticipate. This means that it’s easy for a player to scroll through all the live games. For gamblers who love Live betting, this is an ideal option as finding games is straightforward as well wagering it. Good design is a necessity, not an option.


Mobile Review

Despite this Bitcoin sportsbook not having a mobile app, it is elementary to access the games through their website. All devices are supported, and the site integrates seamlessly. This means that if you own an android, iOS, blackberry, or windows phone, you are good to go. Nitrogensports uses HTML5 games that smoothly runs the mobile versions. Nitrogen poker can be accessed easily without the need to download any files. This is an enormous advantage for many people who don’t enjoy downloading many apps on phones; we already have enough apps on our phones!


Customer Service

Unlike other betting sites that have live chats, Nitrogen Sports does not have this option. As this is our honest Nitrogen Sports review, so we have tried and tested everything. Players can reach their customer service through email support where you raise a ticket, and the customer support agents get back to you later. Their email support has a not so pleasant turnaround time of 48hrs from the time of issue. Though a bit slow for modern players who need upfront assistance is not a bragging attribute.

Did I mention that Nitrogen sport does not have a live chat option? Yes, Nitrogen does not have a live chat option, as you can imagine, the option takes you to their live ticketing support. Furthermore, Nitrogen does not have support. This means you cannot call customer support. You need to fill an online form with your query and then submit it. That said, Nitrogen Sports is available on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and their customer service is always willing to help. Someone can raise issues through those social sites, and they will get prompt assistance.

Aside from that, the site has gone further to educate its members on how to use Bitcoin, opening accounts as well as upcoming updates and events through their blog section. It takes you to step by step procedures on how to set up a wallet to funding it. Then it continues to explain how to transfer your money to your Nitrogen account. From there on, you can place your bets of play Nitrogen poker if that is your poison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nitrogen Sports a legitimate Bitcoin sportsbook?

Yes, it is legitimate. It is registered and licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica, where it is physically located. Additionally, it has been reviewed by other sports reviews such as TrustPilot and other trusted forums.

Is there a minimum and maximum sports betting limit?

Yes, there is a maximum and minimum bet limit. The minimum anyone can bet with is 0.0001 mBTC, while the maximum you can bet with is 30,000 mBTC. However, as compared to other gambling sites, Nitrogensports is more flexible.

What is the age limit for players using Bet Nitrogen?

Only players who are past the age of 18 can register an account and place bets according to their terms and conditions,

How long does Nitrogen Sports take to process a withdrawal?

Withdrawals do not take long, usually less than 60 minutes. Nitrogen Sports is a Bitcoin exclusive betting site. This means that you can only deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin.

Can I play casino games at Nitrogen Sports?

Absolutely yes. You can play dice games, Poker games, slot games, Baccarat, and many more by clicking on the casino section to be redirected to casino games.

Is it possible to access Nitrogen Sports on My mobile device?

Yes, it is possible to use on any mobile device. Nitrogen Sports use the latest and updated technology to integrate different mobile OS browsers with their website. Hence, you can play all the games offered on the site seamlessly. However, they don’t have an app for download, and you can only access the games through your mobile browser. They phones supported include; Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phone.

What currencies can I use at Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen sports is an exclusive Bitcoin-only sportsbook. This means that you can only deposit and withdraw your winning through Bitcoin wallets. Fiat currencies rails are not allowed, such as credit cards or bank transfers.

Do I get any bonuses when I sign up with Nitrogen?

No, there is no signup bonuses. Despite the site not having a welcome bonus, there are plenty of rewards playing on this website. Players earn free bets in terms of coupons, Nitrogen poker points, also called nitro points, parlay jackpots. As a player, you earn more points, the more they play and are categorized in a tier system with multipliers.

What software developers have Nitrogen paired with for their casino gaming?

This sportsbook hasn’t partnered with any software brands to provide games for their casino. Instead, they have developed their games in-house, which is proprietary and all rights reserved. Undoubtedly, this puts them at an advantageous position relative to their competitors.

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