Duck Dice


Deposit Bonus, Progressive Jackpot, Bitcoin Faucet and More!


  • Supports 12 cryptocurrencies
  • Has a built-in exchange software that allows you to convert cryptos
  • Lots of bonus promotions
  • A low house edge of 1%
  • Simple website design


  • Country Restrictions
    • United States
    • Netherlands
    • Dutch Caribbeans
    • France
  • Only 3 games to choose from


Regulation: Curacao

App: Mobile-friendly

In-Play: Yes

Support: Live chat, Email

Table of Contents

If you love the traditional bitcoin sites with a few games to keep you engaged as you earn money, you’ll love Duck Dice. This online bitcoin dice site offers a few games and original graphical content. However, what it lacks in its game catalog makes up for amazing bonuses like an affiliate program, a house edge of 1%, bitcoin faucet, and provably fair games.

DuckDice, like many dice sites, has a valid gambling license from Curacao, and even though it doesn’t compare to other significant sites, it is better than nothing.

If you would love to know more about this online casino, keep reading, because we will be giving an in-depth review of this site.


What is Duck Dice?

DuckDice is a reasonably popular dice site that offers provably fair games, attractive bonuses & promotions, and positive user experience to its users. DuckDice was created in 2016, started with a single provably fair game, and subsequently improved its game catalog. Currently, this dice site offers only three games, which might be a let down to you if you prefer having so many options.

However, if you like enjoying a specific set of online games like dice, then this site will be an excellent option for you. The platform offers dice, lottery, and sniper games with a variety of bonuses to choose from. Also, very recently, DuckDice included an interactive forum on their site. This forum improves the interaction between different players and support personnel. It’s a creative way for players to gain their trust while making it easy to inquire about bonuses, promotions, etc. With this forum, provably fair games, and a valid gambling license, we can say this platform is legit.

However, if you want to find out how authentic this dice site is, you will have to pay a visit. Within it, you will find a mini page named “Fair,” which contains a detailed explanation of how the site achieves its games’ randomness. The randomness of each game is established with a combination from Server Seed, Client Seed, and Nonce.

Server seed: Duck Dice provide this.

Client seed: This is gotten from your browser; however, it remains anonymous to the site.

Nonce: This is a random number.

Once these figures are established, the seeds are calculated, and a random roll is created. You can then verify the fairness of any bet placed by you.


How To Register On The Duck Dice Platform

Registration on the DuckDice site is swift, easy, and takes a few minutes.

All you need to do is follow the next set of steps;

  • Visit the DuckDice Site
  • Enter a valid email address, ID, and password.
  • Confirm your email. A link for confirmation will be sent to your email address.
  • Choose your preferred crypto coin. Duck Dice works with a variety of crypto coins to choose either Bitcoin, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, ETH, etc.

An alternative to registering with your email address is using the details of any of your social media accounts. For example, if you have a profile on FaceBook, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc., you can join the dice sites today.


Playing on this Dice site makes you eligible to enjoy amazing bonuses and promotions. For a full overview of the bonuses, you can earn, check out the website.

However, here’s a detailed explanation of some of the bonuses available to users.

Duck Hunt interactive game

The very first bonus you should know about is the Duck Hunt. This is an interactive game that allows players to win free coins as they play. As you play, you will see a duck flying across your screen in different directions and at random times. All you need to do is shoot the duck, and you win free coins!

If you successfully shoot down a duck, you earn 0.00001 BTC. However, the duck only appears on the screen when you have an open chat. This rule applies to both the web and mobile versions.

This game is fresh and only exclusive to the DuckDice site, and it’s a great way to give users bonus points.

Lucky Bet bonus

The second bonus is the Lucky Bet bonus. This bonus is only available at specific periods, and it is a great feature. With this bonus, you earn free coins when you bet with a specific bet chance and amount.

Winners are usually chosen based on their specific bet numbers.

Dice Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpots is the bonus option that keeps on giving. A progressive jackpot increases every single time nobody wins the game.

To win this dice site progressive jackpot, you need to hit the roll “7777” with the last number on your bet 7. Once you win, the next jackpot’s value reverts to the default value (0.25 BTC).

Hence, the value of your winnings is dependent on the value of your bet.


The Rain bonus is an odd bonus that you probably wouldn’t find on many casino reviews, but it’s a great one. Bonus points are given to only the most active writers in the chat forum.

For this bonus, the site’s algorithm selects random ducklings (players) on the chat, who sends the most messages. To earn these bonus points, you have to be active on the DuckDice chat forum. Also, what’s great about this bonus is that you can earn it without doing too much.

All you need to do is interact with other players, inquire about different features, and get it. Simple and quick.

Bitcoin Faucet

The last bonus we will be sharing with you is the Bitcoin Faucet. This bonus option gives free coins for merely trying out the tic-tac-toe game. However, you need to win against a real player or computer for you to hit big on the faucet. Regardless of the outcome, the free coins you earn via the faucet depend on your current level, which can be anywhere between 0-5 ducks.

These ducks are valued between 0.0000015-0.000035 BTC, respectively.

Affiliate Program

The platform is also part of an affiliate program with Bitcoin Dice. Bitcoin Dice is a popular affiliate program that pays you for bringing in publicity. Once you are a Bitcoin Dice affiliate, you will get free coins and bonuses for promoting certain games and services.

The Bitcoin Dice affiliate offer is usually available to only players registered on a dice site, with all rights reserved to Bitcoin Dice.

Daily Wagering contests

One way to earn extra points on the DuckDice site is by entering the daily wagering contests. By the end of the contests, 15 players (ducklings) who place the highest wagers receive a bonus.

Here’s what the 1st and 15th place winners will receive;

For the 1st place winner, you can get 0.2% of your current wagering amount, which can max 0.01 BTC.

The 15th place winner is entitled to 0.01% of the wagering amount, which can max 0.001 BTC.

For a full list of what each winner stands to gain, check out the site.

Bonus codes

Like many other online casino sites, the DuckDice site doesn’t offer any bonus codes or free spins to win extra points.

However, you need to be a registered player to enjoy the treats mentioned above.


If there’s one thing this platform takes very seriously, it is security. As a result, the site offers its players the opportunity to use a VPN, multi-tier protection, and 2FA. This website is focused on the safety of its players and strives to improve every player’s experience.


The deposit and withdrawal process is easy and swift and can be concluded in a short time. If you’re used to gambling dice on different online casinos, then you shouldn’t have any issues with this. All you need to do is locate the deposit section, select the sum you wish to deposit, and your preferred coin. Your money will reflect on your account in real-time.

The platform currently supports 12 different altcoins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dash.

The platform also features a built-in exchange software that allows you to convert a specific crypto coin into other coins.

For withdrawals, the platform supports transfers via crypto wallets, bank cards, mobile phone account, and e-money wallets.


As mentioned earlier, the DuckDice platform allows its users to play three major provably fair games only; Dice, Lottery & Sniper. Each of these games has a house edge of 1% when you play.


One thing to note about the gamble dice game is that it offers a free tutorial to first-timers. Plus, the dice gamble game play is easy to grasp and remember. What you need to know is;

  • You can either place a wager on “Low.” This is when you believe the played-out roll will be smaller than the displayed number, or “High,” which is the opposite.
  • You can choose between different modes: auto, manual, and flash.
  • Start playing by choosing the amount of your stake and hitting the Roll button.
  • The min. bet is set at 0.0000001 BTC, and the max. possible win you can earn from a single bet is 10 BTC. The highest win chance is 98%, and the lowest win chance is 0.01%.

The casino’s hedge house is low (1%), so you are less likely to lose a lot.


The lottery gives users the chance to earn a lot. You can buy as many tickets as you play. Plus, with every game you play, you can win as much as 20%, 30%, or 50% of the prize. However, this is dependent on your matches.

Unlike many other significant casinos, the platform takes only a 10% fee.


This game is interactive and gives you the chance to compete with other players in real-time. You can invite them, set the time to start the roll, and observe.

Whoever has a roll closest to the roll generated randomly wins!


The overall web design of the DuckDice platform is minimalist and easy to navigate. Although it doesn’t have a bright and vibrant outlook like other significant casinos, it is intuitive. Plus, the game graphics are amazing.

Also, the platform is mobile-friendly, flexible, and has the chat feature by the side. Every feature has been optimized to be supported by both Android & iOS devices.


Customer Service

For any inquiries, you can reach customer service via live chat. Alternatively, you can contact them by email;

General email:


Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries Are Restricted From the DuckDice Platform?

The countries restricted from using DuckDice platform are;

  • United States
  • Netherlands
  • Dutch Caribbeans
  • France

What Is The House Edge For All Wagers?

The house edge for all wagers on the DuckDice site is 1%

Are The Withdrawal Fees On The DuckDice Platform?

The DuckDice platform charges a small withdrawal fee of 0.000028 BTC for every withdrawal.

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